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Providing solutions that are in line and in budget with small businesses


We empower businesses through innovative solutions, state-of-the-art technology and first-class support.

Network & Connectivity

We all want a network that just works. Now you can see information about users, applications, devices and network activity previously not visible, and make changes across the entire network with a single click.

Information Security

Your data has to be safe in the cloud. Hopper Systems creates tailored enterprise security solutions to meet or exceed your requirements.

Server & Cloud Platforms

Whether your servers are on-premise, in the cloud or a mixture of both, Hopper Systems can tailor a solution to help you achieve your goals.


We solve problems. Hopper Systems is dedicated to providing our clients with IT support of the highest caliber. Effective and affordable technology solutions are our passion, and we look forward to adding you to the Hopper Systems family.


A single partner for your IT needs


At Hopper Systems, we practice what we preach. In many cases, we use the same technology solutions as our clients.

Our team is dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge of information technology, and our goal is to share our understanding so that you can shape your business around the best options currently available. In a fast-paced technology environment, our reliable consultation practices will help you make the most out of every advantage.

Network Design

We know that the number of networking products available to businesses can seem overwhelming, and we can work with you to select the products that best fit your networking needs and budget.

Our extensive experience will help ensure that your network is secure and optimized, and our network design recommendations focus on finding the ideal balance between scalability, security, and cost for your company. Because a reliable telecommunications foundation has become a core business necessity, we want to make sure that you continue to function with absolutely minimal downtime. As your IT provider, HSI will build a system that allows you to operate securely and efficiently from anywhere on the globe.

Remote and On-Site IT Support

HSI provides rapid-response tech support, often within minutes of receiving a call. We have found that the most effective way to begin treating your issue is through remote management.

Remote management allows us to minimize your downtime through instantaneous access to the source of the problem. To this end, we use remote control and desktop sharing software that lets us quickly and easily connect to any client computer over the internet. If we are unable to solve your problem remotely, an HSI technician will be on-site as quickly as possible. At HSI, we believe in doing whatever it takes to resolve your technology issues in the fastest and most cost-effective manner possible.

Remote Management

If you are looking to expand or already have multiple offices, HSI is ready to help you grow your business further.

We stay on top of the latest remote office technology available; when the time comes for you to develop, we can show you how to seamlessly integrate your new locations with your home office. Remote technology helps ensure that most issues can be handled with ease, and our team is always ready to travel to your new locations to make certain that you have everything you need to succeed.

Data Backup

Data loss can be a catastrophic event for any business. Given that proper data backup procedures are often a complicated and time consuming process.

Hopper Systems is happy to offer our expertise in this critical operational capacity. We will use our extensive resources to help automate much of your on-site backup process so that you can focus on the future. We also work with Mozy to provide online remote data management for an added layer of security.​

Server and Workstation Upgrades

Keeping your technology current is one of the best ways to avoid high operating costs and loss of efficiency.

Because they represent one of the most vital components of business operation, we recommend that your servers be upgraded at least every five years, and we are fully prepared to make sure that you get the products you need in the most budget-friendly manner possible. Our experienced technicians are adept at knowing whether it is more cost-effective to repair and maintain your current equipment or to recommend an upgrade.

Software Integration

In business, having the right software often means the difference between success and failure.

HSI will be happy to help you select the best fit for your specific needs, and we are dedicated to making sure that your software suites are fully integrated and operating at maximum effectiveness.


One of HSI’s most valuable policies is a rock-solid dedication to preventive maintenance.

We believe that the best solution to IT problems is to make sure that they never have a chance to develop, and so we supplement our service with routine maintenance and inspections, much of which is possible through unobtrusive remote access. This is the best way to keep costs and downtime low, and represents the foundation of our service philosophy.


Problem-solving is only a fraction of the total IT solution suite that HSI is prepared to offer; we also specialize in providing basic and enhanced training services for every product we recommend.

Whether through one-on-one sessions or easy-to-read manuals tailored for maximum accessibility, HSI will make sure that you have the know-how to increase your productivity by getting the most out of your business technology. Furthermore, our clients know that we keep an eye out for any new software that might give them an edge in their specific fields, and we are happy to provide both the product and the training required to take advantage of it.

Smart Phone Support

Personal Support, Software and Mobile Development

iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone programming and support.


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